Story of The Knee Pain Guru

The Knee Pain Guru vision is to be the best in the world at eliminating knee pain and a mission to make knee replacement obsolete.

That’s sets the bar on knee pain high, where its supposed to me. Unfortunately I see people suffering with knee pain on a daily basis needless because…

They believe they deserve to have the knee pain.
They believe that knee pain is just what happens when they get old.
They believe there are no other options for knee pain other than drugs, shots and surgery.
They believe in everything everyone else has told them about knee pain and not knowing to trust their own body’s ability to heal.

Once we get past these false beliefs about knee pain then we can begin to setup the conditions for your body to begin healing your knee pain.

The next step to eliminating your knee pain is to look at water. Your body must be properly hydrated to eliminate the pain in your knees. After all every diagnosis of arthritis is categorized as “dehydrated joint.” Don’t take my word on it! Ask your doctor or better yet look at what they wrote down on your knee pain diagnosis!

Now to move on to nutrition. The body needs the proper fuel to heal itself otherwise its continually fighting itself to heal because the improper foods you’re eating is causing your body to inflamed on the inside and doesn’t allow your body to heal your knee.

Breathing is important because it relaxes the tension in your body. This tension is what squeezes on the nerves in your knee and causes pain. This creates space and the more space you have equals less pain.

The last thing we look at to eliminate knee pain is to get the pressure off of the nerves in your knee the width of an eyelash causing pain by creating comfort. This is the most crucial and most difficult part of knee pain elimination to achieve because you must get out of your head and trust how your body feels.

Click on the following link to setup a time for us to talk about your specific knee situation –> Click HERE!

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