The New Paradigm For Chronic Knee Pain Treatment That THEY Don’t Want You To Know About…

To be honest I’m not even sure THEY even know about it either…

And when I’m talking about THEY, I mean doctors and physical therapists. From what I’ve seen and read over the past 12 years since my 4 knee dislocations and subsequent ligament reconstruction in my left knee. There isn’t anyone out there talking about specific treatment to address complete chronic knee pain elimination.

Sure you hear from a medical perspective about prescription drugs, shots/injections into the knee, and knee surgeries as treatment for chronic knee pain…But everyone knows this at best is a “band aid” on the problem.

Then there’s the “over the counter” approach where you have lots of gels, creams and ointments that make the knee feel hot/cold/numb, a whole host of knee wraps and braces, not to mention the laundry list of pills to take and also numb the pain…for a bit.

But is all of this treatment really working?

Is any of this treatment really working?

From what I can tell it seems like the “experts” on knee therapy are at best giving “shots in the dark” as to what is causing chronic knee pain.

You will hear different reasons why your knee hurts, the ligament or meniscus is torn and needs to be fixed.

This was the reason I was given when I had my knee surgery.

But guess what?

My knee still hurt for over a year after my ACL reconstruction. So the real reason I had chronic knee pain wasn’t just because something in my knee was broken or torn.

And what about the countless masses who go to the doctor and have an x-ray, a CT scan or an MRI and the doctor says, “Nothing is broken or torn.” Yet they are still limping and compensating because their knee hurts.

Then what?

I don’t hear anyone stepping up and giving a good logical explanation of what the body is doing in this case that doesn’t sound like a politician trying to hedge their answer so they won’t lose in the popularity polls.

Well here’s the secret.

I can’t speak on WHY no one else is talking about this. I will do my best to give a complete and comprehensive explanation of WHY chronic knee pain occurs. I will also give a direction as to what you can begin doing about it.

So here it goes!

There is only ONE reason and one reason only why you will ever have knee pain.

Now pay close attention!

Your nervous system is like the dashboard in your car.

When something goes wrong in your car like your engine, oil, or battery. That specific part of your dashboard lights up to give you an indication that something is going on with that component of your car.

Your nervous system functions in the very same way.

When your knee hurts, this is your body letting you know that something is going on with your knee.

This feedback is key to understanding your knee problem.

So the only reason you have knee pain is because the nerves in your knee are being squeezed or interfered with in some way which is sending a signal to your brain that you have knee pain.

This is so important is bears repeating.

The ONLY reason you have knee pain is because the nerves in your knee are being squeezed or interfered with in some way which is sending a signal to your brain that you have knee pain.

The only way you will ever get rid of your knee pain and stop the inflammation, discomfort, and further wearing of the knee joint is by beginning to get the pressure off of the nerves in your knee causing your knee pain.

This does 2 things:
1.) There is an immediate and noticeable relief of the pain that you are experiencing in your knee joint


2.) This begins to setup the conditions your body requires to be able to heal exactly what is going on with your knee.

Approach knee pain from any other way and the understanding of what is going on in your knee is not comprehensive enough to see the underlying pattern in the body and get to the source of your knee trouble.

At best you, your doctor, or your knee therapist is guessing as to what is going to work.

Statistics from the NIH (National Institute of Health) don’t lie. The number of knee replacement surgeries keep increasing every year with no indication of slowing down.

And the solution is to develop better plastics and techniques so they can do more knee surgeries. This doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me unless you are coming from the current medical paradigm.

Which is BIG TIME “job security!”

However, from a chronic knee pain sufferers point of view you are left to suffer with your knee pain until you are old enough to have a knee replacement surgery. The only reason they wait is because they are looking out for your “best interests” and not have to put you through such a barbaric treatment more than once in your lifetime.

They are counting on current life expectancies so that you will die before you will need a second knee replacement surgery when the metal/plastic knee replacement joint fails 12 to 15 years down the road.

A new comprehensive and holistic approach to chronic knee pain treatment is needed and warranted.

Expect more from your doctor and physical therapist. If your knee pain has been lasting longer than 2-3 months and you have been only getting incremental improvements.

Your knee therapy is not really working!

Demand better results and if you get resistance or push back, find someone else to work with.

This is how it’s got to be in order for the paradigm to change. The market will decide and you my friend, suffering with chronic knee pain are that market.

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Laurie A

I fell a year ago 4/2017. I got a concussion and injured my knee. X-rays showed bone on bone and Ortho gave me shot of cortisone but there is still a pain down inside knee towards calf. Burning achy pain – been working with physical therapy on knee but pain is still there and worse at end of day. Keep me up at night
Should demand a mri ?
Tired of pain


I had ACL reconstruction surgery (10.5 months post op) using patellar tendon autograft. I am in SOOOO much pain still. I haven’t had a pain free day yet, it’s all related to my patellar tendon graft area site (the inside of the knee joint is not the issue). I even saw another surgeon for a second opinion. My MRI and Xrays all look fine so nothing clinically is wrong. The answer I keep getting is that I am over 40 (things take longer) and that I did pick the most painful graft. Yes, I knew it was a longer recovery,… Read more »

Kat Currie

Just told me what was wrong and told me to go to an ortho. I sent her a message today and asked her how bad it was. Haven’t heard back yet

Kat Currie

They say I have 3 tares in my meniscus and 2 in the tendon. Can I fix this without surgery?


My right knee is bone on bone. The ortho Dr says total knee replacement.. I’ve had the rooster combs and cortisone pain meds many times.. The pain is so bad some days. The pain is controlling my life now. It’s a horrible way to live. I don’t want surgery. Can you help me?


Bill- I have had chronic knee pain since age 16 when I first tore my ACL playing ball. I am now 30+ and have had my ACL reconstructed (2007) and meniscus repair as well. I really want to learn to do things without thinking about my knee. For years, I would NOT walk on wet pavement if I could help it, sand (there goes the beach), or even gravel. After the reconstruct, I got back to living with pain…again! I can’t really take the day in and day out stress that I deal with mentally from overcompensating, even though i… Read more »

Wayne Hughes

I am 38 yrs old and have had 2ACL’s and 3 scopes done in my left knee. Each scope, doc removes torn meniscus and excessive scar tissue. I deal with constant pain on a daily basis. I am scheduled to begin attending a pain management clinic soon but am not sure what they are going to do to try and aleviate my pain. Ive already had 4 rooster comb and 4 cortizone injections. Your comments regarding the nerves in your knee make a lot of sense. Just by looking at a simple x-ray, my knee joint isn’t “bone on bone”… Read more »


I fractured my ankle ten years ago but my knee is bothering me now. Will this help my knee get better


Injured my left knee in my 20’s and have been dealing with pain/inflammation due to barometric pressure (it’s horrible when I fly) ever since. Now, my right knee has suffered a minor impact and is beginning to make grinding sounds when I descend the stairs. Currently, using braces/tape to support the knees when I do sports/run. Need to keep doing exercising/running to keep off the 60 lbs. I’ve lost. My acupuncurist is stumped why I’m still having so much pain/inflammation. I drink LOTS of water throughout the day and sip on herbal tea before bed; only drink caffeine when I’m… Read more »


My husband has knee pain caused by inflammation and we are hoping you can send us more exercises to fix or alleviate his discomfort. He had a stroke three years ago and he is tired of dealing with this.

Please help us

Thank you


If the above is the case, then please tell me why there are many, many people who have had knee replacement surgery who no longer have any knee pain.


Thanks for the complete infomation, i get more understand now

Jean Monson

Have an appointment with a rheumatologist Oct. 5–will be in touch then-Jean.

keith reid

That does make sence re the nerve issue!!I have had key hole surgery now just over 3 years and the knee still pains.What can be done to assist the nerve repair?


Hi, I have been following your advice re-water. It’s very interesting!

I haven’t bought your book yet, as I’m only just getting over my new hip op; However, my left hip and knee, are now very painful, therefore, I wish I could avoid more surgery next year. I realize how important it is to drink water. I’m afraid I enjoy my wine in the evenings, hoping to dull the pain. Lets hope I’m doing the right thing!!! Kind regards Carol Burgess.

B Singh

This article is really worth pondering, it makes sense that the nerve in that particular limb is not in good shape, so it hurts and the pain becomes unbearable some times as it hampers the mobility of the person

Bernice Gordon/Jackie's Mom

Am in preventive mode re: my knees, though they are housed in a 70 years old body. Have mild, inconsistent pain & can’t sit crossed-legged during yoga classes. This causes the pain. Can do most everything else without any real discomfort. I don’t have a lot of time, so I want to be very focused on what is needed. What do you recommend? I’m open to a consultation. Thanks in advance.

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