The Knee Pain Guru Case Study: Isobel

She had a knee replacement in one knee…Then the other one began hurting!

I recently began working with Isobel from Great Britain on her chronic knee pain. Check out these results and her feedback after 3 weeks…

Leave your comments, questions, and feedback below..

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Harry Alleva

I watched the interview with Isobel of Great Britain and was impressed with her honesty and the results she said that she has achieved. Although I have not had knee surgery, yet, I too found myself knodding my head as she described what dealing with knee pain on a daily basis is like. And yet, despite what she said and what I have read in your web site and emails/videos I still have doubts that this program can also work for my osteoarthritic knees. I have suffered for so long with my painful knees that I am at the point… Read more »

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