The Knee Pain Guru: Case Study #5 with Uncle David

Family and knee pain often don’t mix!

I went home to visit family for Christmas in Dayton, Ohio and was telling my Uncle Dave about my solution for the chronic knee pain he was dealing with. All the common thoughts were coming up for him. I’ll probably have arthritis and it’s probably bone on bone. Logically his brain was not able to get around the concepts that I was talking about regarding creating space in the knee joint to get the pressure off of the nerves in his knee. Understanding comfort in your knee is a “feel” thing that is difficult to rationalize until, of course, you FEEL IT.

I persuaded him to let me take a look at his knee and after a few short minutes he “felt” the difference. I shared with him my vision to make knee replacement surgery obsolete in my lifetime. He will be helping me approach insurance companies soon to offer my program as an alternative for knee replacement surgery! I’m pretty stoked about that…

See what he has to say after we worked together and I showed him how to work on his own knee going forward…

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