The Importance of Breathing

How important is breathing? Well, if you don’t breathe, you die.
If you are breathing properly, you will experience less pain.
Here I help you learn how to do that.

Let me know what you notice as you try it out!

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aya osseiran

Hey bill,
as i got up from my chair and started breathing , i realized that i hold my breath for a few minutes and then let go


HI Bill ,
For past three months i have developed plpain n ln my right knee. X rays show mild osteo p0rouses changes. So there is no ppain when on walking pain when i bend my knee. So now i can not sit down. And when i get up from the chair the attention goes to my knee which feels little heavy and achy .so now when i i get up from the i take a deep breath before i resume my knee normal breath.

Regina Grenz-Huber

Please ignore my former comments. I have been doing the assignment and noticed the following: Your awareness of breathing increases greatly now when getting up from a chair to the standing position.Therefore the breath is considerably more intense from now on when getting up from chairs, car seats and whatever else.

Regina Grenz-Huber

Bill, I do not experience any difference when breathing while getting up from the chair.
I breathe in while I get up and up when I am standing. I am not sure what you are looking for?
The pain in the knee is sometimes there when standing up, sometimes not.


Hi Bill, You rightly promote the importance of correct breathing I have been using a CPAP machine for several years now (obese 65 year old male) – with breathing delliema ie deep breathing v shallow – nose/mouth v nose only the simple act of breathing has become erratic for me I suggest that ‘breath mode’ is dependant on physical activity “Horses for Courses” Hence the request: Do you have an opinion on the breathing technique BUTEYKO METHOD (Reduced breathing – asthma beneficial) I do not have asthma Relevance : Yes there is knee pain – bone/bone- tried exercises trying to… Read more »

Jean King

I have no problem breathing as I get up. I just did a deep knee bend though, and had the tiny snap in my knee and some pain. Stairs did not bother me this a.m.

Llewellyn Winkler

At the point of pain in my knee while i get up i tend to hold my breath, and i tense up…this is not normal Bill and what do i do?


as I am getting to the standin position..I take a deeper inhale and also an exhale… seems to refresh my body.

Morenike S

I notice that as I get up and the pain comes on I hold my breath for a while!


you tend to breath out while rising and breath in while sitting in a chair


never noticed this before ,but it takes an effort to get up from a chair also you breath faster as one rises but emits air while sitting back in the chair


Breathing in as I get up and out as I rise … Never watched this before, However, I practice lowering myself from a standing position and see if I can go thru the pain barrier as instructed in the initial program. I do find I can go down further when breathing fast as you have suggested.
Regards ~ Garn

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