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As part of my 2017 New Year’s Resolution…I started “cold tempering” my body…

Cold tempering is defined as gradually and systematically exposing my body to cold temperatures.

I live about 200 feet from a river…

My resolution was to get in the river and submerge myself 3 times every day.

Between each submersion, I stand and breathe to calm my nervous system down.

Then, I walk out of the river, back to the house and warm myself up by the fireplace.

This may sound extreme and possibly a little crazy, however, there is a method to my madness…

Doing this everyday has several benefits…

– Builds my immune system to fight off infection…
– Disciplines my mind to do things I may not like to do at the time…
– Physically makes my body stronger…
– Mentally – makes me appreciate the warmth in my house more…
– Relaxes my nervous system so I sleep better at night…

This past Saturday, the temperature was dropping and I told my 3 year old daughter it was time for me to get in the river…

She’s at the age right now where she really likes doing things with dad and helping out.

Both of us are standing at the edge of the river and I asked her to hold my towel.

She said, “Sure!”

I replied, “The river’s pretty cold…”

Her reply looking back at me, “Dad, you got this!”

When there’s that kind of support, how could I possibly fail?

Here I am writing you…

You got this!

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