Knee Pain & Teenie Tiny Movements

Ok Everybody,

Here is a concept that I believe is very import in the quest to understanding your Knee Pain.  That is the teenie tiny movements (intrinsic) in your knee joint.

Most of the time when the knee is discussed there is only talk about how the knee bends and straightens.  This concept and idea is best understood when we walk.  However, there are intrinsic movements, very tiny and subtle movements that takes place in the knee on a daily basis.

These movements are in the relationship between the femur (the bone in the upper leg) and the tibia (the weight bearing bone in the lower leg).  They are back and forth, side to side, and clockwise and counter clockwise.  It is very important to realize these movements are happening, because when we are stressed and tense our knee is less able to allow for these intrinsic movements to take place.

This has a direct relationship with the stress and tension we experience in our lives on a daily basis.  When the body/legs/knees are more tense and we slightly move in a way where we experience pain.  The body tenses up more to protect itself from being injured further.  This is the basic design we have as human beings and it is a defense mechanism to keep our bodies protected and safe.

This tension pattern the body takes on to protect itself from being injured further is functional for the perceived injury however it is dysfunctional for you to go back into your life and move without pain.

The really cool part about this entire concept is that we are able to train the body to let go of the tension by re-educating the nervous system to understand what comfort is.

Knee Pain JoggingThe basic way of addressing the tension pattern in the knee so that it begins to let go of the pain/tension/discomfort it is holding onto, is to exaggerate the pattern the knee is showing us.  The way to do that is to find a position of comfort in the knee and keep it in that place for a period of 10 to 30 seconds…

This concept is rather difficult to write about and explain especially when you are trying to describe a feeling in the body however, I am in the process of getting some videos together that will show you some quick, simple and easy ways of getting yourself out of Knee Pain.

Until next time,


(The Knee Pain Guru)

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