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Knee Pain Relief, HSA, Diet, Water, MRI and Meniscus Surgery. I was catching up on all the questions sent in over the past 9 days to get people some answers or at least a direction to begin relieving the pain in the knee.

Here are the questions answered today:


What are some of the most consistent problems after ACL surgeries that, along with neurological tension, cause loss of extension and flexion? I have heard you mention femur external rotation for instance. What causes this?

Bw montages

I am late but I have a serious question? So I just want to know how do I know if my cartilage is missing or fell off? Because I am currently getting anxious that it is not there and my sporting career will go to waste

Lionel Johnson

During a training session where I was doing tempo 60m sprints, I felt a slight pinch on the left side of my right knee. Since it wasn’t bad, I continued to work out. When I went home, overnight it swole and got stiff w/some pain. I noticed along with the swelling a knot behind my knee. This happened at the beginning of Aug 2020, now it’s Oct 22, and it’s still there. I’ve tried icing, later heat, a ten’s unit, and stretching and it’s still not going away. The overall swelling is gone, but the knot remains. I have returned to easy workouts, and some days with good warmups I’m able to complete my workout with bad swelling afterwords. Some days though, it gets stiff enough that I have to skip a day before working out again. Can you give me some wisdom?

Lionel Bw montages

Bill – The Knee Pain Guru yeah but I don’t go back I Until December

Todd Shaw

This is what I chose to do. Get the shot. While the shot s is working try to lose weight and strengthen the muscles around the knee. Then hopefully by time the shot wears off you are in a better place.

Todd Shaw

I wanted to commit on injections for meniscus tear. If you have osteoarthritis and a torn meniscus you run the risk of having a meniscectomy and still pain after surgery. If you get the shot and the pain goes away the pain is most likely coming from the osteoarthritis. If you still hurt after the shot then I think the pain is coming from the torn meniscus and you might as well have the meniscectomy.

Todd Shaw

I probably didn’t ask the question well enough . After your response I don’t think there is a way to ask the question correctly. Like you said. Without seeing me or seeing the MRI there is just to many variables. The crystal ball response is common . So unless I just can’t walk there is no reason to have the surgery . Because like you said it might cure it. it might not . Thats why I asked you. I thought you might have a better answer . Now they say a meniscectomy is a sham surgery. So I don’t know if I should or shouldn’t have it. susan terranova How much emphasis do you put on diet and water intake in your holistic approach? Tim

Dawn Bryant

Can I pay for your program with my HSA? Ed Popplewell I hear ing how do u do it . Relax from teason. It is in lower hip and lower back. It is were teason is. Ps i did not quite. I am listen let soaking in.

Ed Popplewell

I listen continually it’s better to be quiet and Learn. Thank you for your patience

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