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Thanks for your input and your work on this knee stuff. I was not able to pull up the Free Knee Report, so I can’t respond to it.

My issue, though I haven’t gone for the MRI yet (don’t know if I will, want to heal this without all the medical procedures), is IT Band stress–it hurts like hell. I am seeing a physical therapist, doing the routines twice a day, ice, rest, compression but after 4 weeks of this and some relief, it has gotten really cranky and painful again. Tomorrow I am trying acupuncture for the pain.

I am a power walker, wear orthodics, and probably wasn’t stretching enough prior to doing my walks. It would flair up slightly over the last couple of years, but I didn’t think too much of it–my mistake! I didn’t do anything in particular to make it become everyday painful (have even stopped power walking–which I really miss).

I did see the p.a. for an orthopedic, they did x-rays, then recommended the MRI. He read the x-ray, said I have some long term arthritis, and said it could be a miniscus tear, which is in contradiction to the p.t.’s diagnosis.

It is my right knee and the pain is on the outside of my knee, right where the IT band ends.

Any insight would be appreciated.

Peace & Beauty,


Dear G,

I am going to need more information on what led up to the knee pain you are feeling. It sounds like this is a gradual thing that built up over time, however, I just want to be sure before giving you a perspective.

A few other questions to answer would be:
How often were you power walking?
How far were you going?
Did it hurt while you were power walking?
Did it hurt just to walk regularly?
Did it hurt to stand? Sit?
How long have you been feeling this pain?
What does the pain feel like?

The more information I have the better it is to understand what is going on with your knee pain…

To the betterment of your knees,
(The Knee Pain Guru)

P.S. – And for others reading this post leave your questions below…

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