Knee Pain Questions….Bring It!

This podcast covered 6 questions on knee pain (I have been getting so many questions lately I it would have taken me a month of Sundays to get to them all) The topics I cover in this podcast include:

– A question from a physical therapist how to help her patient with osteoarthritis
– What exercises to focus on for “knock knees.?”
– How to deal with “non specific” joint pain all over the body including the knees?
– A strategy for dealing with acute pain forcing Bala into a wheelchair.
– How a 31 year old fencing coach can begin to reverse meniscus degeneration
– Which exercise is better for knee pain, swimming or a stationary bicycle?

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Can I go swimming with a torn menicus and baker’s cyst- possible cartilage tear?

Manuel Macias

Hello Mr. Parravano,

I’m a parkour/Freerunning athlete who has been suffering knee pain issues for two years. I’ve true strengthening my leg muscles, breaking down scar tissue, and physical therapy. Sometime the pain subsides for a few weeks but returns and limits my progress within my training. I’ve tried everything but it keeps coming back, what doyou recommend? Thank you .

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