Knee Pain Questions….Bring It!

This podcast covered 6 questions on knee pain (I have been getting so many questions lately I it would have taken me a month of Sundays to get to them all) The topics I cover in this podcast include:

– A question from a physical therapist how to help her patient with osteoarthritis
– What exercises to focus on for “knock knees.?”
– How to deal with “non specific” joint pain all over the body including the knees?
– A strategy for dealing with acute pain forcing Bala into a wheelchair.
– How a 31 year old fencing coach can begin to reverse meniscus degeneration
– Which exercise is better for knee pain, swimming or a stationary bicycle?

Bill Parravano (The Knee Pain Guru)

Bill Parravano is “The Knee Pain Guru” and has been called, “the best in the world at eliminating knee pain without drugs, shots or surgery.”

He brings over 26 years of martial art and bodywork experience understanding movement and tensions patterns that lead to physical pain.

Bill believes the nervous system is the key to the body’s healing, and bridges the gap between what we currently know and the infinite possibilities of what we don’t know the body is capable of. Coupled with comfort, this combination creates the shortest distance between a life riddled with pain to a physical life fully mobile and self expressed.

“You can’t think your way out of pain. Pain is not rational and doesn’t care what you think. You must feel your way out of pain through comfort. Through the weeks, months and years of injury and compensation patterns built up in your body limiting your movement and making you feel older than you are.”

His unique ability of identifying the blocks that keep people stuck in pain and skillfully removing them allows for lasting change, and a new reality for his clients…

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Can I go swimming with a torn menicus and baker’s cyst- possible cartilage tear?

Manuel Macias

Hello Mr. Parravano,

I’m a parkour/Freerunning athlete who has been suffering knee pain issues for two years. I’ve true strengthening my leg muscles, breaking down scar tissue, and physical therapy. Sometime the pain subsides for a few weeks but returns and limits my progress within my training. I’ve tried everything but it keeps coming back, what doyou recommend? Thank you .