Knee Pain Inspiration: Catching Kayla

All my life I’ve been a big fan of inspiring stories. 

– The underdog that against all odds managed to dig deep down and win!
– The individual who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer everyone thought was going to die, made it!
– The person who wasn’t good enough, talented enough or smart enough managed to do something amazing with their life!

And the stories go on and on…

You probably have several you can think of right now.

I used these stories right after my knee surgery to give me some hope and to pull me through the dark times.

The days when I felt like my world was falling apart and there wasn’t much left to live for. It’s when I felt so helpless and my life seemed so hopeless.

I found this story on the ESPN website about a young girl from North Carolina named Kayla Montgomery. The depth of maturity and insight this young woman has is an inspiration to us all: 

This video brought tears to my eyes seeing her courage facing a disease and living life on her terms. It gave me so much hope a light at the end of the tunnel. If someone was going through something worse than knee pain and overcoming. You know after watching this video you can do it too!

My intention for this video is to touch, inspire and give you hope. There is a light at the end of the tunnel coming from someone that’s been there.

Leave your inspiring story (or link to inspiring story below)…

If you’re needing more support around your knees. Then it’s probably a good idea we setup a time to talk. 

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