Knee Pain And Sitting Alot

Hi Bill
I have a knee pain around a month now and hope you could help me.
I am a male 58 years old. About 80-85 Kgs in weight/height is 5″8″. I work in office as an administrator, traveling to office by bus spend over 4 hours sitting in the bus 5 days a week. Same way in the office nearly 8 hours sitting down and working / looking at the computer. After work coming home tired having dinner and go to bed and same routine following day starting 5.30 AM.
Both knees are paining, difficult to straighten / getting up /squat.
In addition everyday my ankles are swelling. I am a taking medication for high blood pressure and cholesetorol. I read in my medication leaflet which says there may be swelling in legs as a side effect to the medicine. So I ignored the swelling. But I feel a burning effect in my swollen legs. The swelling goes down in the night after sleep.
I assume the explanation would help you to find some conclusion/reason for my knee problem as well as ankle swelling.
Thank you very much for you kind help.
Sincerely yours

Dear K
Sitting a lot can certainly present many problems and contribute to your knee pain. As I was addressing in other questions that I posted. STRESS is a major cause in the pain, tension, and discomfort we feel in our knees as well as the rest of our body. What usually happens is we push ourselves and ignore those little signs that the body was telling us that something was going on and we should pay attention to it. We are continually surrounded by a society that tells us things like:
  • “No pain, No gain”
  • “Pain is weakness leaving the body”
  • “Suck it up.”
  • “Push through the pain”
  • “Walk it off”
  • etc, etc
Sure there are times when we need to buckle down and work through situations or scenarios that cannot be avoided. However, there are a couple of things that happen when we do this.
1.) We kick our butts in the process and abuse ourselves more while we are going through the difficult situation.
2.) We never let up, meaning we continue on the path of constant and continual stress for such an extended period of time that finally the body can no longer take us ignoring it any longer.
However, there are things we can begin to do to support and take care of ourselves when we find ourselves in these situations
1.) Get as much rest as we possibly can
2.) Drink plenty of water
3.) Eat healthy food that is as close to the original organic state as possible
4.) Practice the art of “recovery” meaning never deplete ourselves to the point of exhaustion
(See the book: “The Power of Full Engagement” by Tony Schwartz
Being free of knee pain is a journey, not a destination and it is imperative that we view it as such. There is no one pill, shot, tonic, supplement, exercise, surgery, or otherwise that will achieve it either.
Best of luck to all of you and keep the questions coming,
Bill Parravano
The Knee Pain Guru
P.S. – For a copy of my e-book click here —> “Stop Your Knee Pain Now!”

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