I thought they left a screwdriver in my knee…

I spoke with Janet yesterday…It’s a story I hear too often…

She went in for an Arthroscopic surgery to repair her torn meniscus

Since then she’s run the gamut…

Had both Synvic and Cortizone injections with her knee. Had to stop after two (of 3) with the Synvisc because her knee blew up and she needed to have that drained.

For the pain she’s taken Vicodin and Naproxin to dull the pain. 

I emphasize DULL the pain, because she can still feel the pain in her knee AND when she wakes up she feels depressed.

Janet refers to what the doctor’s are doing is putting a bandaid over a bandaid over a bandaid…

Now a year after her surgery the pain has gotten worse and now she’s diagnosed with “bone on bone, synovitis and large joint effusion.”

Janet was telling me on the phone after she woke up from the surgery that,

“I thought they left a screwdriver in my knee from the surgery. My knee still hurt as bad as it did when my meniscus was torn.”

This really brings up a common misconception about knee surgery, which is…

If I have surgery my knee pain will be gone!

The reality of life after knee surgery is…

After knee surgery there’s the potential that what was causing your knee pain will no longer be there to cause more pain.

In the case of a meniscus tear that is “catching and locking up the knee causing pain. 

Your knee may no longer be catching and locking up yet the knee can still be in pain…

There’s a distinction to made here…

Surgery is to repair what is broken or torn and NOT guaranteed to eliminate your knee pain…

Now the surgeon hopes that the surgery will address the issue of pain but for the most part…


The source of pain in your knee comes from one source and one source only.

Irritation of the nerves in the knee sending a signal to your brain that you have knee pain…

Shots like Synvisc and Cortizone numb that signal (a bandaid)

Drugs like Vicodin and Naproxin numb that signal (a bandaid)

The only true way to eliminate knee pain is to begin developing the skill of feeling how to get the pressure off of the nerves in the knee causing the pain…

It’s that simple and straight forward!

Learn this skill and you’ll never fear knee pain again.

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