I got this interesting e-mail from Betty…

Got this interesting e-mail about bone marrow extraction:

Thanks Bill,
The bone broth keeps me at 0 pain to 1-2 …like when I first get out of bed! I found an MD, holistic as a great surprise…who does the bone marrow extraction process right here at Hilo Medical Center. Kamaiana rate, $3-4 thousand.
This is something that I can do for my healing that doesn’t scare the heck out of me.
Have a blessed day.
Venutia (Betty)

The interesting part of this e-mail is Betty completely misses the fact that what I offer is LESS SCARY AND LESS EXPENSIVE than a bone marrow extraction.

No Drugs…No Needles…No Surgery…

…And at only a fraction of the cost!

But hey! Maybe Betty likes needles and maybe Betty has money falling out of her ears…I don’t know…

The problem with going to a doctor and getting a shot that may work for a little while…

Is when the pain comes back and the majority of the times it does…

You’re going to have to go for another one!

And there goes another $3-4 thousand that may work for another little while…

  • Can you see how this pattern will continue?
  • Can you see how the pain will come back?
  • Can you see how you still won’t know what to do to get your knees out of pain?
  • Can you see you’ll still be thinking about your knees even when the shots may be working for a while?
  • Can you see you’ll still be at the mercy of doctors and needles?
  • Can you see eventually this will wear you down over time?
  • Can you see how this will continue to cost more and more money?
  • Can you see how a knee replacement surgery will start sounding like a good idea?
  • Can you see how you can “numb” the pain with a shot for a while?

or you can…
===> Get Moving Again <===
(The Knee Pain Guru)

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