“How To” Resolve Knee Pain AFTER Knee Surgery

Had knee surgery and you still have pain? Then check out the following video on how to address chronic knee pain after knee surgery…

Below are the links I talk about in the video…

Click on the following link to access the Virtual Knee Pain Clinic:
Virtual Knee Pain Clinic

Click on the following link to setup a FREE 25 Minute Knee Freedom Strategy Session:
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I have had left total knee replacement twice, the most recent being six years ago. Now, both knees are extremely painful most of the time. The replaced knee is always very swollen and there is never a time frame when it doesn’t hurt!! What can be done now? I really don’t want to have to go through another replacement surgery.


I had a arthroscopy on my L medial meniscus 4 months ago. The pain at the time was mild and I had occasional “catching” in the joint. Since the surgery, my pain is more severe and my knee often aches and pops into alignment. The pain even wakes me up at night. I am in my mid-50’s. Am I still in the healing phase, or is there something else wrong in your opinion? The doc said it could take more than 3 months, but I am getting concerned.


hey bill, im here looking in hope that i can find somthing that will help perminatly, im 19 and have had two lateral miniscus surguries on my left knee, its getting to the point that i think that my knee pain is not going to go away, and may have to deal with it for the rest of my life, the last surgury i had was had major taring and i didnt even do anything to tare it, the first one was from highschool football, im sceptical of this program, my end game is wanting to get into the military… Read more »


Dear Bill

My 22 year old daughter had left knee alignment and stabilization in april 2010 and is still on cruthches….yes 22 months later…. we have been to many doctors specialists pain management etc.. she does physio twice a week to keep things at bay…she has all the symtons of complex regional pain syndrome
she is in constant pain
any suggestions would be greatly welcomed.

regards Marie

Mary Snook

Hi Bill
I have had a history of bad knees 3 ops to clean out the joint but after the last op I have had very little stability in my left knee. It will collapse for no apparent reason. I have been getting your videos but I have a very slow internet connection and I would a prefer to have your prog on a DVD so I can watch it and go through it thoroughly. How do I get a DVD of it. thanks

Mary jetha

Bill. I am finding lot of comfort in your excises and I would like to buy your program where by you can send me the vidou. I am going for the surgery of my left knee so I don’t know how this will work. Either you can program it in such a way that I can carry on with the excercises after the surgery. I would like to give it a shot at least for some time. I am hoping that your program will help me by pass the surgery of my right knee as it is also bone on… Read more »


no I have not had knee surgery and hope that never becomes necessary. However I am following the videos that you sending me and am doing my best to focus on comfort.

liz Archer

I have not had knee surgery and am trying not too. I saw the doctor yesterday; I have too have an ultrasound on my hip area as I may have a tear in the tendon that comes from the hip; as I cannot lift my leg properly and am inclined to trip or fall as I did the other day going up some steps. So the knees have to wait for present. They are not so painful today. Cheers Liz P.S. I have been on the arthritic diet ( no dairy, wheat or meat or deadly nightshade veg) for many… Read more »

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