How Do You Define Knee Pain?

How you define knee pain is crucial to creating clarity to get you out of pain. No one’s knee issue can be described in the same. The problem even exists in the title of this post! It’s important to understand that no one describes the issues with their knees the same.

Language can trip us up going to see a doctor for a diagnosis. Don’t get me wrong, getting a diagnosis is an important step to understand what you’re dealing with.

That is to say your diagnosis can actually further complicate the process to understanding your knee pain.

As a result of working with clients over the past 23 years, many of them get “stuck in their diagnosis.” They end up being focused on trying to “solve the diagnosis” while at the same time not paying attention to what their knee feels like.

Then if asked what their knee feels like they begin talking about what happened to the knee (in the past) or what the knee “always” feels like (in the future).

This leaves their knee essentially “ignored” and MIS-understood.

You see in order to understand how the knee can begin feeling better. We must begin to get “present” as to what the knee is feeling RIGHT NOW…(IN THE PRESENT).

Above all we must use terminology that is unique to your knee…

It could be pain…OR NOT!

Use Words that Mean Something to You…

The following are a few different ways you may relate to how your knee feels…

  • Burning
  • Shooting
  • Tight
  • Stiff
  • Stuck
  • Weak
  • Blocked
  • Sharp
  • Achy
  • Swollen
  • Full
  • Uncomfortable

You see, all the different words you may use to describe how your knee feels are just and expression of your nervous system.

None of those descriptions are “wrong,” we just use those descriptions to get an understanding of how to get present with your knee to begin getting the pressure off the nerves in the knee creating the experience you don’t like.

I know this all sounds rather complicated but in actuality it quite simple. We are just learning how to create comfort in the knee to shift your physical experience. Be it pain, tension, discomfort, etc.

Here’s a short Youtube video talking on this very subject of “How Do You Define Knee Pain?”

How Do You Define Knee Pain?

In Conclusion

Above all you may even describe what going on with your knees differently than what I’ve offered here?

In conclusion, the key is understanding there’s nothing wrong with the way you describe what is going on with your knees. The more you define what knee pain means to you in your own words, the more you’re aligning with your body’s ability to heal your knees.


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