Episode 2 – Answers For Your Arthritis Agony

Millions of people suffer every day with the debilitating disease called Arthritis. When arthritis gets in your knee the only solutions available are prescription drugs or painkilling shots while you wait in a holding pattern until the joint gets bad enough or you are old enough to have knee replacement surgery. Stiff, achy, sore, swollen knee joints are commonly diagnosed every year as Arthritis yet no one seems to have an answer as to why or what to do about them…In Episode 2 of my teleseminar series learn the in’s and out’s of your knee getting “Answers For Your Arthritis Agony.”

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Harry Alleva

I listened to this episode, as I have all the others you have produced. I don’t know, personally, whether your program will truly work to heal osteoarthritis in the knees. It would be extremely helpful and encouraging if you could provide testimonials from clients who have actually overcome that condition following your program. That said, I am thankful that your web site, and these episodes exists because you are the only one who at least provides a positive message that this painful condition can be overcome without succumbing to knee replacements etc.


What would you say about using your knee tendon/ligament e.t.c strengthening exercises, combined with general lower body muscle strengthening exercises?


These are great and when was the last time a physiotherapist, doctor or surgeon told you this stuff?

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