Draining a Baker’s Cyst

Draining a Baker’s Cyst is a fast option for relieving the pain and discomfort in the back of your knee.

Draining a Baker’s Cyst is a fast option for relieving the pain and discomfort in the back of your knee. The following is a video of a medical doctor draining a Baker’s Cyst from the back of a man’s left leg.

Be prepared! This is not for queasy stomachs

Remember this in only one solution for draining a Baker’s Cyst from the back of your leg. There are other natural approaches that don’t involve drugs or needles for draining a Baker’s Cyst from the back of your leg.

It’s important to understand that your body has the capacity for draining the Baker’s Cyst on it’s own. If your body is NOT doing so then we must start asking deeper questions as to why the Baker’s Cyst is not draining by itself.

The majority of the time it’s due to tension that builds up in the leg which doesn’t allow for the lymphatic fluid to move freely throughout the body. By freeing up this tension in back of the leg this starts the process by which your body can drain the Baker’s Cyst by itself without any medical intervention.

the knee pain guru
the knee pain guru

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His unique ability of identifying the blocks that keep people stuck in pain and skillfully removing them allows for lasting change and a new reality for his clients…

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I have a bakers cyst that very large and the doctors only want to operate. They don’t want to give you hyaluronic shots–just want to do surgery. I don’t want surgery if possible. I fell on this knee in february1967 and it bled very little, and it didn’t start giving me problem until a few years ago. Can you suggest something for me to do?


should I continue with euflexxa injections if the baker’s cyst has ruptured and the knee is swollen


I wonder whether knee bandages are a cause of the cyst?


I have had a bakers cyst behind my left knee 3 times now and I’m scheduled to have it done a 4th time. Is there another option or do I have to have it done every 6-8 weeks forever

R co

Where may I find the info you state to naturally drain a bakers cyst


I have had about five Bakers Cyst in a ten year span. They always pop on their own then cause pain and a lot of swelling in the half for three days whilst the fluid is absorbed into my body. The first time I went to the ER and had an ultrasound and saw the bakers cyst . For me it is due to my rheumatoid arthritis which I have had for ten years. The only thing I have found to relieve my RA is eating a Lowfat Raw Vegan diet, I have fish weekly for b12. It helps reduce… Read more »


I have a recurring cyst that has been drained through an operation a little over a year ago. Within 6 weeks I had two ultrasound guided aspirations with cortisone injected inside the cyst with the hopes it would dry it up. I’ve had 2 of 3 Sinvisc injections( it got more painful and swollen with each injection so I skipped the third). 6 months later I had two more aspirations within 12 days of each other; one ultrasound guided no cortisone, cyst came back within 24hrs. Had another one in Dr.s office with cortisone. It seemed to get rid of… Read more »


I have a bakers cyst on the back of my leg and have done for some time. I have also got arthritis in the knee.
The doctors will not drain the cyst but it is causing discomfort.
Is it safe to drain it myself at home?

Evan Jones

I currently have a Baker’s Cyst in my right knee. It has been there going on 10 months now. I do hardwood flooring so I can’t take it easy on my knee. I have insurance with Kaiser Permanente, and have gone in several times to get help, but they keep telling me they can’t drain it because of arteries and stuff in the back of my knee. Videos like this make it seem easy. Is there credibility to what they are telling me?


I am no MD, but my cursory understanding is that synovial fluid is produced by the cells in joint lining, the synovial membrane, and secreted into the joint cavity to increase the viscosity and elasticity of articular cartilages and to lubricate the surfaces between synovium and cartilage, and to remove debris via phagocytosis cells.

I don’t know that improving lymphatic flow *wouldn’t* help, I’m just pretty sure that the fluids are separate. So I’m wondering how your program works?


But it’s not lymphatic fluid in a Bakers cyst; it’s joint/synovial fluid, so I’m confused about your whole premise…


I had left tot knee replacement 4 months ago, and was told the bakers cyst would resolve on own once the problem has been corrected.

My pain is from my bakers cyst, tried nsaids, compression hose, pt, exercise, rest, ice, elevation etc. still no improvement.
Would your program be able to help me.

Chanda J. Albrittain

I’ve had a bakers cyst for three years, finally went to have it drained and it wouldn’t drain. I’m not sure of what to think about this?

Kimberly Hamel

I’m having a bakers cyst drained soon,i work in a kitchen, what is the recovery time here?! Thank you

Kim Hamel

She hasn’t seen me yet, not till tues next week. For its super sore and painful after working 9 hrs in a kitchen. I got a brace but it throbbing bye time i take it off at home. Sje gave me 800mg of Tylenol not really helping much here.
What can i expect when they drain this?!

Kim Hamel

Ok thank you ill keep u posted how i made out tues


I had one after tkr that was hiding, undetected.
Popped on it’s own…. Extreme swelling causing discoloration in leg. High pain tolorance so didn’t realize until after the fact​. Tremendous relief now!


What natural ways can one reduce the baker’s cyst?

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