But…My Knee Isn’t The Only Problem!

Is your knee only part of the pain you’re in? Do you feel pain, stiffness, and discomfort in your hips and lower back too?
How about all up and down your legs and in other parts of your body?

This is a very common occurrence

Don’t look at your knee in a vacuum and think it doesn’t affect your entire body…



You’ll NEVER be able to get the kinda support you need from a doctor or physiotherapist because they will only be looking at one body part at a time.

– Ask them about knee pain and they’ll give you a diagnosis for the knee pain…

– Tell them about hip pain and they’ll give you a diagnosis for the hip pain…

– Question them about back pain and they’ll give you a diagnosis for back pain…

Are you starting to see a pattern here?


  • See how the tension in your psoas muscles (muscles in your lower back) affect your hips causing you to feel like your knees are being jarred every time you take a step…
  • Look at the wear patterns in your shoes related to arthritis in your knees (always diagnosed as dehydrated joint) or determine if you’re drinking enough water for your body to be hydrated…
  • Look at or call you out on self-sabotaging thought patterns causing your body to go back into pain throughout the day…

STOP using a “pot shot” approach involving Ibuprofen, ice, stretching and foam rolling after you’ve wrecked your knees. This won’t get you there either.

Set up a solid foundation of comfort from which to measure progress as you’re reintroducing activities back into your daily life to see if your knees (and body) can still continue to maintain the same level of comfort while teaching it to recover faster.

There’s no secret to the program…

Sign up for the program to get a template to start with…

Show up on the bi-weekly Facebook LIVES, ask questions and participate…

Do the customized homework and give feedback…


Begin seeing results in the very first week!

It’s simple…NOT EASY!

Otherwise, everyone would be doing it…

You can trust…

I’ll be your best “Cheerleader” at times or your worst “Drill Instructor”

It all depends on the work you’re doing and the progress you’re making.

Like I said there no secret to the program…

Sign up and get started:

(The Quit Your Quack: Pain Relief Programs are Mondays 1:30 PM & Thursdays 10:30 AM Eastern Time Zone)


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