Bending & Range of Motion AFTER Knee Replacement

Bending & Range of Motion AFTER Knee Replacement is continually a challenge once the patient realizes knee replacement surgery isn’t what they thought it was cracked up to be.

In this video presentation we cover bending and range of motion issues AFTER knee replacement surgery and what you can do about it…

Here are the questions answered today:


Had TKR ten days ago I cannot bend my knee at all?

My PT is giving me exercises that are to help with bending but if I can’t bend my knee I can’t get any of the benefits of the exercises?

Yes my knee hurts Connie I had a knee replacement on January 28 and can not get my full range of motion. Any ideas?

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I had my quadracepts tendon repaired after rupture – is there anything in your program that covers this injury – generally I have no pain – just discomfort and a small lack of RoM but figure that scar tissue may still be an isue – surgery was 14 months ago

Bill Parravano (The Knee Pain Guru)


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