Are you Riding a Knee Pain Rollercoaster?

Are you riding a knee pain rollercoaster?

When your knee pain feels good you feel good and you don’t think about your knee when your knee pain is bad you feel bad and the world is ending. This means you’re on the knee pain rollercoaster.

In this video we’ll cover how to get off of that up and down rollercoaster of pain…

Here are the questions answered today:

Peggy Noakes Hanson 2 days ago

I am an active person in my sixties. About 3 weeks ago I started having extuciating pain in my knee. I was told it was a slight meniscus tear and slight arthritis. The pain even robbed me of my sleep. I did everything to alleviate pain. Yesterday, I forced my self to take my Mom to an appt. across the street which required me to push her wheelchair. To make a long story short, I woke up this morning with no knee or leg pain..just very very slight. I am happy but baffled. Have you ever seen a sudden recovery like that?

Bill – The Knee Pain Guru


Peggy Noakes Hanson 2 days ago

@Bill – The Knee Pain Guru WOW!!!

Bill – The Knee Pain Guru 2 days ago 21.5K subscribers

@Peggy Noakes Hanson …and don’t be surprised if it comes back as well. Tension patterns are continually shifting and changing in your body every moment of every day.

Peggy Noakes Hanson Highlighted reply Peggy Noakes Hanson 2 days ago @Bill – The Knee Pain Guru You are so right. I overdid it today with housework and stairs and I am going to lay down and ice it. Thank you so much for getting back with me.

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