2 Knee Replacements and a Truck…

Below is a question from Bob…

Hi Bill,

I doubt if you can help me just had both knee x-ray and there is no more soft tissue left. I was bowled over by a small truck two years ago and it squashed my left knee badly so the extra work my right knee has been doing has stuffed that one too .
what is the answer Knee replacement ??? I don’t know




Thanks for the question and your situation must have been horrible! Getting run over by a truck, that not only would have hurt, it also would have scared the hell out of me too. It is a tricky situation however, I remember working with a guy who got run over by a tractor when he was 14 (he was 46) when I met him and he increased the flexibility in his legs in one day! I recall him talking with the group we were in and he unconsciously crossed his legs. He then stopped, looked down at his legs and then proclaimed…”I haven’t done that since I was 14!”

So already having had that experience with someone else, I don’t believe knee replacement is THE ANSWER. If that was the case they would have just replaced the knee joint at the time the truck squashed it!

Have you ever driven behind a vehicle that obviously has been in a serious accident. The entire car looks a little “off.” You can’t really put your finger on it however you know that the car is “crooked” somehow. When the car is crooked like that, will cause certain parts of the car to wear unevenly. Like the outside tread of the tires being worn but the insides aren’t touched. Well, that is very much that same thing that your body is going through right now which is causing your right knee to wear and cause you pain…

You still have hope though! Unlike the car scenario your body is able to pull itself back into alignment and regain its original structure. It may not be completely the same as it was before however there is absolutely no reason why your body can’t be completely free of pain when you walk. Now it is going to take some work on your part and there will be some other things that need to be put in place to setup the conditions so your body will pull itself out of pain on its own. However, IT CAN BE DONE!

The first thing we need to do is begin teaching your knees to understand what comfort is. I know it seems like a pretty far off concept at this point however getting your body to begin to understand what comfort is the direction you need to take things in so your body can begin to heal itself. I use the example of “un-kinking the garden hose” as a way of getting your body to begin to get the blood and the oxygen to the areas in your knees that are going to need it most…

Just keep thinking comfort…It is a simple concept and pretty simple to do, at the same time it has incredibly profound effects in helping your knees get out of this pain/tension cycle that is making it look like you need knee replacement surgery.


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Vonnie France

Hi Bill,
I have arthritis and waiting for knee surgery.no idea how long that will be. My knee works much better when I am working on our yacht charters and pain is very low, but return to the farm and it all comes rushing back. I am getting relief from your early exercises as I believe it will be a good thing to strengthen surrounding tissues. Very grateful someone is giving guidence on this issue. I’m 68 but was very active, so extremely depressing to find movement and getting around so painful.

george r. kipila

my probblem is my doctor said i need knee replacements and i do not want to have them done what can i do. i would like some information on something that can be done so i dont need knee replacements.


I have injured my knee torn the meniscus had it operated on and he removed it now I am walking bone on bone and have been told by one of the best specialists in Australia that I need a knee replacement. Not impressed with that. Only 52.
I can’t lay on my back without a pillow under my knee it hurts all the time every step hurts.
Just wondering what you think..

Bonnie Scali

Dear Bill: I had contacted you earlier about my knees. I have since had x rays done on both my knees. They have not reached bone on bone yet, but are very arthritic. I am very frustrated though. I have been to a joint clinic at our local hospital, and they suggested that I see a physiotherapist for treatments. All that he has done is given me some ultra sound treatments, that don’t do much, maybe for a couple of hours, then the pain is back in both knees again. The pain is now located in both knees, on the… Read more »

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