With great knees comes great responsibility – Part #1

Lots of people look to me to help them get out of knee pain

Many just scratch the surface and get some initial results that keeps them pretty happy…

A few want to dive down that “rabbit hole” like I did 18 years ago.

Brad is one of those guys…

He sent me a list of questions working with the “Pain-Pattern Interrupts” to get relief in his knees

I’m splitting his list of questions up into a couple of e-mails as they’d be pretty long if I’d cram them into just one.


Brad: Can you help me with some questions please about The Comfort Zone?  I’ve been trying to execute these stretches for the last few days with what seems like no success.  Although I’ve seen the videos a couple of times, I’m still left with questions.

Bill: Sure

Brad: Either I have big legs or small hands but I can’t seem to grip my calf and interlace my fingers to do that rotation “Pain-Pattern Interrupt” to help out the IT band issue.  I am a strong person and with all of my strength to feel like I’m moving something more than my skin and my muscles.  When I watch you turn yours, it seems like you’re just moving your skin and muscles too.  Is that all that it’s supposed to do or should I be feeling for some tendons/ligaments or something else.  I’m not a medical professional so I don’t know where everything is located but can look up an anatomy chart if I need to.  I don’t feel any relief on this one rotating right or left.


Bill: Knowledge of anatomy is NOT required. Your ability to feel where it hurts is. One common mistake strong people make is using too much strength. In some ways your strength is working against you. 
Going slow and gentle will do a couple of things: 

1.) Allows you to feel when the pain goes away and you’ve hit the sweet spot in “The Comfort Zone”
2.) Help you understand that getting out of pain is way easier to do using a lot less effort
Going slow and gentle will do a couple of things:


Brad: The only time I have pain is when I’m standing and bend my knees.  I have zero pain if I’m laying down and bend my knees or sitting and bend my knees.  The pain comes if I should squat down or climb/lower down stairs, etc.  Having said that, I don’t feel pain when doing these stretches in a relaxed stated.  Based on what I think I heard, the forward and back is the best “Pain-Pattern Interrupt” for me.  My calf muscles are really big and I can’t get a complete grip on them.  When I press through the calves forward, it just feels like I’m pressing down on the muscles.  Whenever I’m pulling back on the shins, it feels stationary and I can’t tell that anything moves.  My foot is planted on the floor while I’m seating and my knees are at 90 degrees.  Maybe that’s how you do it and I’ll never feel any movement or relief, I don’t know.  Can you tell me what I’m supposed to be feeling for?

Bill: Ultimately, the goal is to feel comfort or relief from the pain. It’s important to understand that if the knee has been in pain for weeks, months or even years, your body has lots of layers of injury and compensation patterns to deal with. As you create a “Pain-Pattern Interrupt” in one part of the knee, the knee relaxes and the tension shifts to another part of the knee which begins to reverse the process of the injury and compensation your body has been “adding” over time. So when your running into an issue with the F&B “Pain-Pattern Interrupt,” right now as of today your knee is compensating too much to actually get any movement in that direction. Your best bet would be to work with the other “Pain-Pattern Interrupts” that are giving you relief as of today.  Over time as your knee continues to relax, feel more comfortable and create more space in the joint, that range of motion should “come online’ and you feel something then.

Brad: You mention ringing the doorbell and then backing off.  Is it necessary that I keep my finger on that spot?  I feel like I need two hands to apply pressure on my leg.  I don’t feel like I have the angle to apply enough strength.

Bill: Yes, keep the finger on that same spot. This will give proof to your doubting brain that what was once pain/tender/sore/tight just moments before has now changed. Remember, you are only trying to get the pressure off of a nerve that is the width of an eyelash. The amount of strength you’ll need to get the pressure off of the nerve would be the same amount it would take to hold up a nickel with a finger. Less is more…

End part #1

As many different ways your knees can hurt this program is able to provide a solution…

After 18 years I can truly stand in front of you and say the journey has been worth it.

The relief that rushes over your knee spreads to the rest of your body and especially your mind KNOWING you can get yourself out of pain at will.

No more worrying…
No more wondering…
No more pain…

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(The Knee Pain Guru)

~ “Putting the ‘FUN’ back into Knee DysFUNction”

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Bill Parravano is The Knee Pain Guru
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