The Mixed Martial Knee Pain Podcast – Episode 37

I was on a roll in this podcast! Tying together personal goals in life with your knee pain situation is important to understand the “How To” in approaching your knee pain…We also had questions for a couple of martial artists who are dealing with knee issues…My personal favorite! 🙂

Knee Pain Questions that I cover in this podcast:
1.) Craig asks a question about how to deal with Patella Tendonitis…

2.) The next question deals with what to do about a knee injury that required 5 screws and a titanium strap. They will eventually be looking at a knee replacement unless they start doing something now…

3.) Cindy has some concerns about bursitis and baker’s cysts in her knees and what to do about them…

4.) Butch shared from a doctor’s perspective how my e-book has helped him and I suggested what he could do to take his getting out of knee pain to the next level…

5.) Andy is looking at challenges with patella displacement problems and lubricating his knee joint to begin to create more space to reduce the pain…

6.) Heleen was sharing an update as to how the e-book has been helping her and how she has been incorporating the concepts into her pilates classes

7.) Jim is looking at a knee replacement and wanted to know how my approach would be able to help him and his knees…

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eddie glass

Dear Bill
Thanks to you and your program my knee pain has almost gone. My cycling is getting better and despite my age [81] I have entered again in South Africa’s [if not global] biggest individual timed event – the Cape Argus Cycle Tour 2012. Because of the pain I did not finish last year but thanks to your program – that result is going to change.

Eddie from Cape Town

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