The Art of Choking People

I remember the first time I showed up at a Judo class…

The first demonstration was how to use the “Gi” (Judo Uniform) to choke a person…

Thoughts rushed back of high school having to wear a tie…

The idea of having something around my neck always gave me the creeps…

Like, I needed to pull my tie just a little bit away from my neck and keep the top button unbuttoned.

Ok, so back to Judo…

The students are performing the chokes while the Sensei (Tony a 5th degree black belt) was talking the class through the demonstration…

To let your partner know you were “sufficiently choked” you have to “tap” your partner two or more times to let them know, “I give”

You just had to hope that your partner was paying attention and/or liked you enough to stop.

I got to go first and remember how little effort it took to choke someone with proper technique.

The Judo motto is, “Maximum efficiency with minimum effort. Mutual welfare and benefit for all.” 

That was a philosophy I really took to heart applying that not only my training in the “dojo” (workout area) but also in every other area of my life…

The more I studied the principles of Judo and ingrained those principles into my life the more I shook my head at the world I saw…

It seemed that people were doing just the opposite in their lives…

“Minimum efficiency with maximum effort.”

Maybe that’s why your knees are still in pain?

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