The 7 Commandments for Achy Knees

1.) Verify through diagnosis 

– Get your knee checked out by a doctor so you know what your dealing with and can develop a plan of action to eliminate your knee pain

2.) If it hurts don’t do it

– I know this may seem obvious however doing things that are going to hurt your knee is NOT getting you closer to getting out of pain. Understand the “Pain-Tension Loop” and the more you feel pain is making your knee pain worse.

3.) Develop the skill of “Pain-Pattern Interrupts”

– The quickest and fastest way to eliminate knee pain is through getting the pressure off of the nerves in the knee and creating comfort. Learning how to do “Pain-Pattern Interrupts” for the specific way your knees hurt right now today is thee most valuable skill you will ever learn in your life!

4.) Reduce inflammation as much and as often as possible

– Inflammation both in the knee and in the body slow down your body’s healing process. Reducing inflammation both in the knee and in the body speeds up your body’s ability to heal your knees.

5.) Avoid self sabotage 

– Don’t do stupid shyt that’s going to make your knees hurt right after you perform a “Pain-Pattern Interrupt” and it finally feels good. Give your knee a chance to heal when it’s not in pain. 

6.) Trust what you feel

– Your body is giving you signals all day everyday what will make your knee hurt worse or make it feel better. Trust those feelings as they will guide you out of pain.

7.) Repeat Steps 2 thru 6 until knee pain is gone

Eliminating knee pain is a simple process.

It just must be followed consistently no matter how your knees feel.

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~ “Putting the ‘FUN’ back into Knee DysFUNction”

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Bill Parravano is The Knee Pain Guru
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