Pritam – India:

“Bill: First of all I should say you are great. Your program, “Surgery Free Knee Replacement” and reviews of other people are also great. I was sold on it they day I bought it. I have come a long way. My pain is virtually gone. I can sleep at night without pain. I can get up in the morning and walk with virtually no pain. After rest I can get up and walk away without being stiff. Thanks to you for all this. I had the feeling from the very beginning that your method of healing my knee would work. I also knew that at my age of 75 it will take a little longer. I have proved to myself that given time I will be pain free one day and would not need surgery. I wanted to prove to myself and you that your program is great and definitely works. I’m 90% better than before I came to you. Given another month I am convinced I will be 100% better. Many thanks for all your help. Pain free guru is the right word for you.”

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