Margaret – Canada:

“Dear “Knee Pain Guru” I discovered your web site a couple of evenings ago. My husband and I bought your book, “Stop Your Knee Pain Now!” What common sense advice! After starting off my days drinking 3 or 4 cups of coffee, not eating a balanced diet, also sipping on a Coca Cola. Water….once in a while……it is not too surprising that my knees have been getting worse and worse…stiffness that is awful, and some soreness. Getting down and up from a chair has been dreadful. I put so much stress on my wrists and arms pushing myself up out of a chair that I ended up with a ganglion cyst on my left wrist, and the muscles in my upper arms were sore. I felt tired and my spirits were way down. Like so many of the people I know, I became convinced that I would eventually have to have knee replacement surgery. What a dreadful thought. That operation is not the panacea people think it will be. Last year, my husband and I hired an exercise “guru” to come to our house, and help us with getting back into shape. We spent a lot of money and the results were nil. The muscles around my knees were the focus. The ligaments and tendons were never mentioned except in passing. As you might imagine, my condition did not improve. In just one day of drinking water, and doing breathing exercises, I have been able to get up out of a chair with much less difficulty. I have high hopes that once I get into the exercises more, focus on my breathing, and drink a lot of water, I am going to make a lot of improvement. Your e-book has given me a lot of hope. Thank you. Margaret”

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