Marc – Japan:

“hello…when are you going tho change your name to the kneesoothing haha…i have been listening to everything and trying all your techniques as best i can…so far so good..just to let you know i believe and try to do everything that is on your, “Virtual Knee Pain Clinic”…i can almost comfortably squat pain free for the first time in years… i don`t have knee pain when sitting etc….recently since there was so much pain i was trying to fix the knee the old fashion way building up the quads and hams and traditional stretching…insanity…the “passive stretching techniques” are awesome….i never realized how much tension i was carrying in my body…i have been releasing a lot recently..i originally hurt my knee 20 years ago..i m 46 now…how could it have been so simple??? i m devoting 24/7 to your site until i reach my goal of pain-free walking… thanks Marc”

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