Kneeling: When your work requires it…

Do you antagonize at the thought of having to get down on your knees?

and once you get down there…

Do you question whether you’ll be able to get back up or not?

I was talking to Paul, a 61 y/o electrician from Australia, about the very same topic the other day.

After being diagnosed with bone on bone, his doctor told him he’d just have to, “Tough things out until he couldn’t stand the pain anymore.”

Not much of an option for someone who needs to be able to get down on his knees at times to earn a living.

What the “psychic” doctor failed to tell Paul was after his “future” knee replacement surgery.

His knee wouldn’t be able to bend past 90 degrees…


Would he be able to kneel on his “knee replacement” knee ever again…

Paul, shook his head and felt even more dejected than when we first got on the call.

I told him to, “Breathe, everything was going to be ok. You’re working with me know. First you’re going to learn how to reduce your pain and as your pain level decreases you’ll be moving better. Then we are going to intelligently start moving your body more and more, but for know let’s just stick to comfort. We’ll get to that other part when the time is right.”

Paul started seeing how the tiny steps of getting the knee comfortable over and over again throughout the day fits into the THE BIGGER PICTURE of eliminating his knee pain.

“The cool part of knowing both the tiny steps and the bigger picture of eliminating my knee pain, is it takes away my fear and worry about what to do when my knee hurts.” Paul told me on a follow up call…

Just like Paul, the struggle with your knees is very real!

First we got to get you to STOP struggling in all the wrong places that leaves you feeling like you’re stuck…

Then you can START struggling in the right places and so you can begin feeling relief in your knees today.

To learn more about how my strategy to creating comfort in your knees FIRST :

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(The Knee Pain Guru)

~ “Putting the ‘FUN’ back into Knee DysFUNction”

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Bill Parravano is The Knee Pain Guru
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