Knee Problems and Pain/Range of Motion AFTER Knee Replacement #KneeClub

Knee Problems, Get Started, and Pain/Range of Motion AFTER Knee Replacement.

In today’s presentation we’ll cover how to get started relieving your knee problems if you are new to knee pain.

We’ll also look at the challenges with pain and range of motion in a knee joint after a knee replacement surgery.

There is much nuance to be discussed to bring clarity to knee pain and discover an easy simple to follow strategy out of pain…

Here are the questions answered today:


Hi Bill. It’s been a looooooong time without a knee problem since I worked with you on the knee almost 10 yrs ago…!! But now it’s back. Right knee acting strange for last couple of weeks.

What aggravated it was full squats with knees facing out to the sides ( quite wide ). Currently, it’s just pain inside the knee.

If I sit with folded legs for meditation and then, when I straighten them, the right one hurts quite properly.

Also when I press the same outstretched knee to the mattress, the patella hurts. When I straighten and bend the knee there’s some pain too. Please advice me guru of all knee gurus! 😊

Thanks in advance.



Get Started…


I had total knee replacement surgery 4 weeks ago and am still experiencing quit a bit of pain..

my knee is stiff and I cannot lay it flat on the table I keep trying to get it to go flat but the pain keeps me from pushing as hard as I should.

I am not lazy , I am willing to do the work if I could just get the pain gone..

I am trying to reduce the hydrocodone meds etc.. cause the side effects r can’t sleep I awake ever two hours trying to go back to sleep..

my vision has gotten a bit blurry and my skin itches… Should I be requesting a visit with my surgeon at this point?

I had to pay a high deductible and so everything else till the end on the year is covered , we r running out of time before the year ends..

Am I being a whimp?

PT person keeps say your only 4 weeks out… I’ll be 5 weeks out from surgery next Tuesday

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