Knee Pain When Bending

Certain types of knee pain make it very hard to go about your everyday life without the constant reminder that you have knee problems. Knee pain when bending the knee is definitely one of the worst.

This kind of pain can affect you when going up stairs, getting in and out of the car, sitting down, even walking. It is quite annoying, painful and continuous. There is a way to fix this pain when you understand how it occurs. When you knee hurts to bend, it actually locks up and holds tight in an outstretched position, which creates a tension pattern that makes it painful to bend the knee.

So when you try to bend your knee the nerves in the knee alert your brain to pain. In order to resolve this, you need to bring your knee to a place of comfort in that same outstretched position. Once you are in a pain-free position, the knee relaxes. In turn the nervous system will relax and release that heightened sensitivity to the area. The simple stretch will create space in the joint. And the condition for your knee to heal itself. Some of those stretches are in the Comfort Zone videos.

It is important to realize, however, that your knee has layers. Once you become aware of the pain in certain areas of your knee and you relieve that pain, the pain can move elsewhere in the knee or the body because tension patterns can involve your hips, your back, your ankles or any number of other areas that are suddenly released, because you released the tension in your knee.

Since many clients experience pain moving from one area to another, I assembled a collection of videos and information that includes stretches for pain throughout your body. This complete library of stretches and information can be found in The Virtual Clinic.

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How do I get to the virtual clinic?. I have your comfort zone for the knees and your orthobionomy DVD’s.

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