Knee Pain w/ Clear MRI, Knee Cupping & ROM AFTER Knee Replacement #KneeClub

Knee Pain w/ Clear MRI, Knee Cupping & ROM AFTER Knee Replacement.

In today’s live video presentation we’ll go over understanding what happens when an MRI is clear yet the knee still aches as well as improving range of motion before and after knee replacement surgery.

Here are the questions answered today:

Charles House

Had knee replacement surgery and having a hard time getting range of motion back much stiffness and I’m only at 93 degrees bend


Achy knee pain mri results show clear


Hello Bill Quick question, are you familiar with cupping? If so do you think this can help break up scar tissue?

Victor Martinez

Can you get knee pain from lack of moment . I got sick from covid and was quarantining in bedroom and was barely compared to before after 3 weeks recovered but came out with knee pain .

Next 3 Steps to get more help with your knee:

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Alice Maier

What are the terms of the $59 per month fee- locked in for 12 mths or end at any time? Have extremely low range of motion 60 degrees at best after knee replacement, knee manipulation that resulted in broken femur. In addition hip replacement that went well. Using a cane

It’s a month-to-month commitment. You determine the level of commitment by the amount of time, energy and effort you put in to get the results in your knee…

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