The Knee Pain Guru: Case Study #5 with Uncle David

Family and knee pain often don’t mix! I went home to visit family for Christmas in Dayton, Ohio and was telling my Uncle Dave about my solution for the chronic knee pain he was dealing with. All the common thoughts were coming up for him. I’ll probably have arthritis and it’s probably bone on bone. […]

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The “I Ain’t Got Time For Knee Pain” Podcast – Episode 38

Knee Pain Questions that I cover in this podcast:
1.) Gertie is dealing with a Baker’s Cyst, No Cartilidge, and Osteoarthritis…What should she do?

2.) Vivian has a question how to help her husband who is having pain in his knee cap…

3.) Bruce has a torn meniscus, loose cartilidge, and a cyst on the ligament in his knee looking at surgery. We go over his strategy for knee pain elimination…

4.) Barbara is looking at a situation with Rheumatoid Arthritis getting coritzone shots and her knee drained every 6 months…

5.) In the last question covers what to do with a spinal stemosis that is causing pain in the right knee radiating down from the lower back…

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“How To” Deal With Arthritis

Learn the secret to address arthritis in your achy swollen painful knees… Below are the links I talk about in the video… Click on the following link to access the Virtual Knee Pain Clinic, now included with the Quit Your Quack Program: Click on the following link to setup a 25 Minute Knee Freedom […]

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Natural Knee Therapy For Osteoarthritis

Just got done answering Dan’s questions about osteoarthritis and knee pain that he has been suffering with since 2008. He is 62 yrs old and is open to beginning to change the things necessary in his life to be free not only of knee pain but also in his back and the rest of his […]

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