Knee Pain Live Question & Answer

Have you ever wondered how to eliminate the burden of chronic knee pain so you don’t have to wonder how you will manage to get through your day?

Well wonder no longer…

– In this live question and answer session I work with Laila’s concern about how to deal with both the prospect of knee replacement surgery and the fact that knee pain has doubled since beginning to do exercises…

I also answer another SURPRISE question…

– I also cover a question from Ken about “knee pain creep” and fluid buildup in the knee…

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My Son injured his knee about 3yrs. ago.Most recently I had to take him to the hospital because his knee was unbearable with pain.The DR. drained fluid out of his knee.Now it has gone to his other knee.His knee is so swollen plus it has gone down to his whole leg & ankle.They are extremely swollen.I took him to the DR. again.He thought it is a bakers cyst & although there is fluid behind the knee he did not want to mess with it as he was not quite sure about the diagnose.The DR.sent him to a orthopedic DR.& he… Read more »

Mary Jetha

Bill, my knees are doing much better. I have been off all the pain killers except celebrex. I might decide to go off it very soon. I still have lot of problem unfolding my knees or getting off the chair or getting off the ground coming out of the car. My left knee is still very sore. I am doing quiet a few stretches from ebook. Do you have any suggestion for my left knee as that is the one I had cortisone injection. The pain is right under the joint in the front and on the left side of… Read more »


Hi Bill sorry I haven’t taken the time to thank you. I haven’t been free of knee pain for almost 1 year until I started to do your exercises. I’m not very good with the computer so I keep trying. I’m doing the first three exercises and they have sure helped. I still have trouble with my legs but at least not to much pain. I still have stiffness and some swelling but it feels so much better. Madeline

Roger Shackleton

Thanks Bill for alerting me to this Q&A session and for talk last Tuesday (your time). I made a start on the Passive Stretching, mainly Module 3, and tried a couple of others as well. I have also been doing the Beginner Exercises from the E-book. Last night knee pain was a bit more than the previous couple of days/nights. Maybe I’m doing too much at this stage. Would you advise stopping the e-book exs for now?

Regards … Roger

ps I signed up for the “surgery free knee replacement program” today

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