Knee Pain & Arthritis – continued

Hey Everyone,

The other week I wrote a post regarding Knee Pain and Arthritis.  I had said I was going to look for the pictures that saw which is what the doctors see when looking at Arthritis in the knee and how it looks like the corrosion from battery acid.

Well I found those pics and wanted to share them with you…

This first pic is of a normal knee:

This second pic is an MRI of a knee with Arthritis:

My belief here is that the joint has acquired an acidic state due to a lack of water (dehydration) in the joint.  This acidic state begins to irritate the nerves in the knee first causing knee pain.  If then left long enough this acidic state starts to “eat” away at the joints just like battery acid would then developing arthritis.

Checking with a doctor friend of mine who is an attending Anathesiologist at the University of Louisville hospital and told me one of the recent diagnosis for back pain was “Narrowing of the vertebrae due to a dehydrated disk.”

The knee is not exempt and depending on where the body is holding tension will be dependent on where the souce of pain can radiate from.

Run this by your doctor and get their take on it.  See if they think that by drinking more water can not only change the acidic state of the body to more alkaline as well as begin to relieve the symptoms of knee pain due to arthritis.

Also, leave your thoughts below and let me know what you think…



(The Knee Pain Guru)

P.S. – Here is a general information link on joint pain and arthritis

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Wow! I’ve been noticing that when I drink water my knee locks. I wondered why and did bring to my physicians attention to no avail.

Vishal Singh

So drinking more water can reduce the knee pain. Water really solves any problem in our body. Thank you for sharing the fact

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