Knee Pain AFTER ACL & Meniscus Surgery… #kneeclub

Knee Pain AFTER ACL & Meniscus Surgery is extremely challenging IF you’re ONLY looking at how to force the knee into a range of motion it doesn’t want to go in.

GUARANTEED to deliver pain for days on end! The in order to experience a different result we must look at how to have a different fundamental conversation on how to change the neurological signalling creating the pain and limiting range of motion in the knee to begin with.

Here are the questions answered today:

Joseph George-Alleyne

Hello, so in 2012 i had acl/meniscus surgery on my left knee. Being young, impatient and stupid i didnt rehab. I never go full flexion back, it only got to about 130 degress and then i would get a sharp pain behind the knee kind of along the outside of my lower hamstring.

This preventing me from reaching knee flexion.

Now two months ago i had the same surgery on the same knee however this time i did pre op rehab for a good four months and since having the surgery i have been doing rehab and i am recovering very well however….

Im still having the same problem with gaining full flexion, i realise it is only two months post op but i was hoping that after this surgery i would be able to get a second chance at gaining full flexion.

I was wondering if you may know what will help besides patience and rehabbing. Or do you think i will never get full flexion back?

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Bill Parravano (The Knee Pain Guru)

Bill Parravano is “The Knee Pain Guru” and has been called, “the best in the world at eliminating knee pain without drugs, shots or surgery.”

He brings over 26 years of martial art and bodywork experience understanding movement and tensions patterns that lead to physical pain.

Bill believes the nervous system is the key to the body’s healing, and bridges the gap between what we currently know and the infinite possibilities of what we don’t know the body is capable of. Coupled with comfort, this combination creates the shortest distance between a life riddled with pain to a physical life fully mobile and self expressed.

“You can’t think your way out of pain. Pain is not rational and doesn’t care what you think. You must feel your way out of pain through comfort. Through the weeks, months and years of injury and compensation patterns built up in your body limiting your movement and making you feel older than you are.”

His unique ability of identifying the blocks that keep people stuck in pain and skillfully removing them allows for lasting change, and a new reality for his clients…

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