Knee Pain AFTER ACL & Meniscus Surgery… #kneeclub

Knee Pain AFTER ACL & Meniscus Surgery is extremely challenging IF you’re ONLY looking at how to force the knee into a range of motion it doesn’t want to go in.

GUARANTEED to deliver pain for days on end! The in order to experience a different result we must look at how to have a different fundamental conversation on how to change the neurological signalling creating the pain and limiting range of motion in the knee to begin with.

Here are the questions answered today:

Joseph George-Alleyne

Hello, so in 2012 i had acl/meniscus surgery on my left knee. Being young, impatient and stupid i didnt rehab. I never go full flexion back, it only got to about 130 degress and then i would get a sharp pain behind the knee kind of along the outside of my lower hamstring.

This preventing me from reaching knee flexion.

Now two months ago i had the same surgery on the same knee however this time i did pre op rehab for a good four months and since having the surgery i have been doing rehab and i am recovering very well however….

Im still having the same problem with gaining full flexion, i realise it is only two months post op but i was hoping that after this surgery i would be able to get a second chance at gaining full flexion.

I was wondering if you may know what will help besides patience and rehabbing. Or do you think i will never get full flexion back?

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