James – Australia:

“Bill, I had very painful situation that didn’t go away for a long time. Few month matter of fact. X-rays showed effusion in the knee (water in their opinion) that was spelled as full blown arthritis. The knee was badly swollen and painful at night. The only treatment available, according to orthopedic surgeon, was a total knee replacement! How ever, nobody bothered to find out was, what would happened if the knee was aspirated. It was only after that I insisted, they recommended for procedure. Surprise, surprise, the knee had a pint of old blood in it! So, it must have been thorn ligament (or cartilage) there was no explanation on their part and I decided to adopt your technique. After receiving your E book, “Stop Your Knee Pain Now!,” I started the beginners exercising (sitting on the table and floor, rotating knees) also using “Chinese Wooden Spoon” , wooden dowel as you call it and taking lot’s of omega 3 oils, flax seeds with glucosamine and “viola”, the knees got better, much better! Still I treat them with care (I am 72 years old) because I know that knees will never be as good as the one of 30 years old, but I am happy. Thanks a lot Bill. Cheers James”

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