Irrational, Cranky, Pissed off and Angry…Sound Familiar?

Believe me I know how irritated and irrational knee pain can make you.

When I was going through recovery after knee surgery and the percocet was making me vomit.

I lashed out at everyone that was close to me because I had no other outlet for the pissed off, anger and frustration I had around what I was going through with my knee

I ended up finding out that my girlfriend at the time was taking my prescription just so she could deal being around me.

Not a very happy time in my life…Probably wasn’t for her either!

Here’s another example of how that irrational pissed off, anger and frustration can show up…

It came in the form of an e-mail from a guy in South Africa…

Dear Bill
I send an email to stop receiving messages. This is the second one that I send. I will contact you if I need help further more if you font stop sending messages I will not hesitate to take further action

“Further action?”…Really? For an email?

I really do make it easy for you to leave.

The ‘unsubscribe’ button is at the bottom of each and every email I send out to you.

Before you go scrollin’ to find it.

Consider the following, especially if you’re cranky and still pain:

– Has what you’ve been doing significantly gotten your knee out of pain?

– Do you still worry that you’ll do something and your knee pain will return with a vengeance?

– Do you have ongoing support from those around you when the pain flares up again?

– If your knee pain came back, have you developed the skills to get yourself out of pain?

– Are you satisfied, “just to get out of pain?” or would you like know how to lead an active lifestyle again?

My point is…

There is an easy solution to begin getting your knees feeling better today!

It will take you about 20 min/day and you’ll start to see results in the first week.

In about 3-4 months you’ll have either significantly reduced or eliminated your knee pain…

That is of course if you do the homework I give you.

If that sounds intriguing for you, then…

Click below to sign up:

Make sure to start working with the “Quick Start Guide” you’ll receive immediately after signing up.

Spend 20 min/day getting relief with that guide and we’ll use your experience for some major leverage on our call Thursday April 13th.

(The Knee Pain Guru)

~ “Putting the ‘FUN’ back into Knee DysFUNction”  

Copyrighted & Published by Healing Concepts, L.P. 

Bill Parravano is The Knee Pain Guru
“The Best in the World at Eliminating Knee Pain without Drugs, Shots, or Surgery.”
Healing Concepts, L.P.

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