How To Move Without Knee Pain

Total freedom of movement is possible after reconstructive knee surgery, chronic knee pain does not have to be YOUR reality anymore. In this video I show you what kind of movement is possible no matter what the situation is with your knees as long as nothing is broken or torn…

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4 comments on “How To Move Without Knee Pain

  1. Dear bill, I am enjoying all of your videos , but this last one was impressive, I am going up the stairs and walking with not a lot of problems, and I canbe up onmy fetall day, which , was impossible before. But I cannot begin to do what you were doing on the last video. I am 71 and I amnot feeble, but squatting at a low floor level or jumping or running has been off my agenda for 6 years. My husband who has never had a knee ache, four months ago began with knee pain, the doctors say that he has damage from age,but on a 1 to 4 scale , he has a number 1 level, not very noticeble on the x ray. My husband was in karate for many years and got a black belt, he is not feeble but the knees have really made him feel bad. I am on Skype butI donot know how to connect with you. Warmest Regards Judith Cohen

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