Have you had knee surgery? Maybe even more than one? Still got problems with the knee?

Have you had knee surgery? Maybe even more than one? Still got problems with the knee?

Here’s a question I got from Zingisa (I think that’s their name???)
Hi Bill, 

I had two arthroscopies on the same knee due to torn cartilage. 

First arthroscopy the surgeon trimmed, tidied the cartilage and stitched it together. Pain did not go away after 6month’s  

I did another arthroscopy where surgeon found the stitches were torn and cartilage damaged again. He removed the stitches. Pain still did not go away, its been over  a year now and the pain still persist. 

I was referred to surgeon again and he says I must do another arthroscopy because the MRI results indicate that the cartilage is torn again. 

What if there’s not enough cartilage left? 

Will the pain on my knee ever go away?

Must I even do this third operation? 

What are my chances of good results after this third one?

This situation reminds me of what my Aunt Helen would tell me after I did something to hurt myself…

“Oye Vey!”

This question is really really really…



And teaches us something very valuable about getting out of knee pain…

Which is…


A surgery just corrects what’s torn…maybe…LOL

What you need to get out of pain is get the pressure off of the nerves causing the pain.

Which is why I tell most knee pain sufferers to start with “The Comfort Zone” to learn how.

Is an 11 online video and ebook series specifically designed to relieve the pain in your knee!

It’s NOT long or uses big fancy words to impress…

Just the bare bones for what you need to learn and get the pressure off of the your knee nerves to get results now.

“The Comfort Zone” will teach you how to:

  • Avoid painful unnecessary surgeries, learn how to get relief in minutes so you can focus on planning that vacation this summer.
  • Never wonder why your knees hurts, the simple easy instructions gives you fast results so you can return to normal life.
  • Recover faster after surgery with this ground breaking 11 video/ebook series, “The Comfort Zone” and start feeling better walking today.

Click below to get immediate access to “The Comfort Zone.”


~ “Putting the ‘FUN’ back into Knee DysFUNction”

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Bill Parravano is The Knee Pain Guru
“The Best in the World at Eliminating Knee Pain without Drugs, Shots, or Surgery.” Healing Knee Pain
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Courtney Anderson

I have injured my left knee yesterday at work. I was kneeling down on the ground doing some work and later that night noticed some puffiness around the kneecap. This morning there was alot of swelling around the kneecap and I made the mistake of continuing to work on it and now there is so much swelling that it is painful to bend or straighten my left leg. I have had this happen years ago and was told that it was fluid on the knee. The doctor I saw earlier today confirmed the same thing and diagnosed it as a… Read more »


I think that surgery should be an ultimate option in such situations, as i read in the blog that after two painful surgeries the problem remains the same. We should try some natural treatment before operation if the condition is not severe.

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