Graham – Netherland Antilles:

“Hello Bill Following on from your suggestion from your book, “Stop Your Knee Pain Now!… This weekend, whilst out cycling (I have no toe clips) I decided to try lifting my leg rather than letting the downward pushing leg do all the work of propulsion and ‘other leg’ lifting too. I stopped just short of lifting my foot off the pedal. This had two results: 1/. I automatically went faster 2/. My legs ached! Thus showing that I was using muscles that just weren’t used to working, so an interesting experiment, I must now get some toe clips! (Not so readily available). Thanks for the tip, just shows how we think we are doing something ‘the only way to do it’ and something comes along and shows just how wrong you can be! 🙂 My knees are performing better all around now btw! Regards Graham”

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