Got Pain In Your Patella? How To Deal With Patella Tendonitis…

Patella Tendonitis is generally defined as swelling, inflammation, and irritation of the patella tendon which of course is the tendon that holds your knee cap in place. When the body is out of alignment and the tension is thrown incorrectly into the knees it can present an issue for your patella tendon. I go in depth as to how to begin addressing issues with your patella tendon.

I talk about how knee pain is different with everyone so you need to figure out how to approach your own knee pain so you can relieve it fast and get back to your life like normal…

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I have this problem wtih my knees. Whenever I engage in activites such as biking, running, etc. I cant enjoy it because I am in too much pain in my knees. What things can I do to make my knee’s feel better so I can get back to my normal self?

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