Episode 1 – Bone on Bone

Bone on Bone is one of the worst excuses for knee pain that I have come across in my over 10 years of study and research… In Episode 1 of my teleseminar series I go into the details why there is NO REASON FOR you to have pain in your knees because they are “BONE ON BONE”

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Roger – While I think Bill’s arrogance is uncalled for, if you are in the amount of pain you describe, why not put forward a can-do effort and give this a try. When it doesn’t work for you and you get your money back then call Bill an ass. In the meantime though, it sounds like you can have your knee replaced by an MD with letters after their name or give this an honest chance to work for you. I’m just sayin’….

Robert Ferrari

I read some of your sight makes sense however everyone’s medical issue is different. I also question your ethics putting on your sight this is not for snowflakes and a few other choice names. The ortho bionomy should have discussed ethics, how and why to be non judgemental as well as how to take peoples emotions into consideration. You have a certificate in ortho bionomy a certificate in systema which is a so called Russian special operations martial arts and you took what judo. I question the time frames I don’t remember exactly but I think you said that your… Read more »

Robert Ferrari

I been dealing with knee issues for 20 years and I will tell you bone on bone hurts. Not only does it keep me up and I can’t sleep I can’t walk right its caused issues in my hip joints and other knee. Funny I retain alto of fluid to and drink plenty of water it does nothing for the pain. All the years off taking 800 mg of motrin messed my kidney and stomach up. All the years off tyanol messed my liver up if I take it now my body retains fluid. But I guess bone on bone… Read more »


If you had bone on bone you would understand the real pain. Magic does not cure bone on bone pain…..

Manhood Enhancement

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Ryan Gagnon

Thanks for not responding. I should know better when the person(you) giving advice uses and expletive within the first minute of the subject wouldn’t be open to any form of criticism. People have true pain. Just remember that all oranges are fruits but not all fruits are oranges.

Thank you for your time,

Ryan Gagnon

Ryan Gagnon

How can you say that bone on bone pain is a rediculous excuse for knee pain???? That is extremely INSULTING for someone who has this condition. Any kind of lateral movement causes me to literally see stars. You make people’s suffering seem insignificant and all in their heads. How very rude and disgusting of you. My pain is real,it is not in my head. I’ve tried braces and tons of water. Braces actually press on my bakers cyst behind my knee and cut off circulation to the lower part of my leg…..so that’s out. I can’t seem to find a… Read more »

Ryan Gagnon

Oh,and absolutely nothing you said in your video worked. Explain that please.


Very well said. I have bone on bone Chronic extreme knee pain. Cannot walk, cannot move joint without passing out. I always drank a gallon of filtered water everyday. When the cartilage is gone, the knee will hurt badly. Seems bill is a snake oil salesman with stars in his eyes, and fluff for brains.

Patricia Patterson

Thanks Bill.
It is really helpful, and reminds me to keep on doing the things you suggest in the Virtual Clinic … a very good site.


tatiana builes

Ive been so desperate with my patella tendon weakness that Im considering getting an above knee amputation,,,it just feels like a total drag,,the joint is so week that its hardly supporting my thigh and upper body its been an on going problem for eight months..I ve been doing leg raises to strengthen the muscles but im not sure if its working or actually causing more damage I have the feeling that I might have partially ruptured the tendon from hyperextending it while running very fast,,,do you recommend a patella tendon reconstruction surgery, an amputation or should i just wait for… Read more »

Tony Goddard

Hi Bill. On the subject of water. You say that “The rule of thumb is your body weight divided by 2 in oz of water per day” In New Zealand we weigh in kg. I presume that when you refer to body weight you are talking in US lbs and US fluid ozs?. Therefore as I weigh 65kg, then I should be drinking appoximately 2.1 litres of water per day?. Does the 2.1 litres per day include the normal intake of milk, tea, coffee etc or is the pure water intake on top of any other liquid intake? Thanks for… Read more »


thanks Bill, very well explained. The question I have for you is:Howmuch water is on suppose to drink?
:how to breath properly?
:what is the right food for the knees?
:how to do the right streching?
:how long I suppose to do level 1 excercises?
:Where to find all this answers?
Kind regards Jim Marincic

Alice P. Rascio

My right knee has had treatment of Ortho-visc and syndics and the generic of ortho-visc and steroid treatment – shots 3 times in 3 weeks each time over many years. Finally, now I have a grinding painful experience when putting slacks on or shoes, bending – pain in walking too much, I’m putting ice packs on it 20 min. on and 20 min off. I take osteo-byflex daily. I have a compromised immune system (IGG Gamma Globulin anemia) so I fear to have total knee replacement and get a major infection after the operation.

Knee Pain Support Team

Hello Alice,

Thank you for reaching out to us! I suggest booking a free 30 min consultation/knee evaluation with Bill to discuss what your experiencing. Bill will be able to provide great advice and recommendations/solutions for whats going on. If your interested, please click on the link below to complete the consultation form and schedule a date and time that is best for you. Feel free to reach out to me for further assistance.


Customer Support

Knee Pain Support Team

Hi Megan,

Thank you for your message!

We appreciate your feedback and thank you for pointing this out. We are always looking to improve our customer’s experience and we are happy that you took the time out of your day to assist us with that. Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at customerservice@thekneepainguru.com and someone will be happy to assist you.


Customer Support

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