Email from an Adoring Fan!

Name has been withheld to protect the un-accountable…

No response is needed.  I am just providing feedback.  I hope it is received in the way I intended, as an admonishment to return to the mind-set of a healer.  I don’t respect the smart-ass approach and if it continues I will unsubscribe.  
I am wondering why you have taken a detour turn to your shadow side?  Suddenly you are ultra-judgmental, sarcastic, assuming things about others that you would have no way to know, such as why Audtey doesn’t hear your calls.  Perhaps she is hard of hearing?  Perhaps she hss a less expensive phone that the ring sound is too faint to hear over music or tv?  Perhaps it takes her 10 minutes to overcome her pain to get to her phone?  Perhaps she is mentally foggy?  Oh healer, where is your compassion?  The point is, you are losing the respect of your audience with this latest approach of using personal emails to jab at people, thinking somehow it will move them to buy your products. It would also be helpful if you didn’t send emails every friggin’ day.

Oh knee pain sufferer…

Let’s be clear about one thing first…

“I am NOT a Healer…”

The body does the work…


Am I sometimes a SMART ASS?
Am I sometimes judgmental?
Do I have a “shadow side?

And you can make all the excuses in the world why Audrey didn’t show up on the call at the time she chose to speak with me and get help with her knees.

My compassion is reserved for those knee pain sufferers who are able to show up and be accountable.

They have to do the work and making excuses why they didn’t do the work doesn’t get knees out of pain!

That is actually part of my program. You have to be accountable and do the work otherwise we are wasting both of our time.

Losing your respect…well that’s on you and those that want to be accountable and truly get help with their knees will hear this message and go…

“Yes, that’s my guy! He’s no bullshyt and isn’t going to stick a flashlight up my @ss to make my eyes bright. He’ll tell me the truth about my knees.”

For you or anyone else reading this that has lost my respect, doesn’t like all my ‘friggin’ emails, and wants to ‘unsubscribe’ go straight down below to do so now.

For all the others who would like to speak with me and get my help…

Here’s the link:

(The Knee Pain Guru)

~ “Putting the ‘FUN’ back into Knee DysFUNction”

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Bill Parravano is The Knee Pain Guru
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