Doktors need to know their role!

Let’s get one thing straight!

If I get into a car accident, break a bone, an organ ruptures or I tear something.

I want the western medical model taking care of me…

The technology, resources and education is far superior now than at any other time in history.

This comes with a HUGE BUT!

If I go to the doktor because my knee hurts

I get an x-ray, CTScan or an MRI…


I can’t get an answer that looks something like:

– No Diagnosis
– Inconclusive
– “Nothing wrong”


I’m being proposed with an “exploratory surgery”

I’d get the hell away from that doktor as fast as I could.

The medical model is great in its area of expertise…

They are an utter failure in the realm of “Pain-Management”

The doktor needs to know their role…

as much as…

You need to know the doktor’s role!

If you need to go see a doktor…then do so…

If you know what you’re dealing with is outside of your doctor’s role.


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