Does your knee pain diagnosis baffle you?

Does your knee pain diagnosis baffle you? Do the words the doctors use make you feel stupid? Are the PTs notes seem like they are written in “code?”

It would seem that the words Doctors and PTs use in for your diagnosis is in another language…

The reason it seems that was is because it is that way! LOL!

All the anatomical terms and the medical diagnoses used for your knee are all in Latin…

It’s not supposed to be confusing, it’s supposed to make sure there is a common language used by all medical professionals no matter what language they speak.
The problem is…

You and I didn’t study latin
You and I didn’t go to medical school
You and I don’t care about all of that “stuff”

We just want the answer as to why our knee hurts and what we can do to make the pain stop.
It all boils down to one basic fact…

How do we make the pain stop…Plain and simple!

None of that other stuff matters and  As a matter of fact the more that “other stuff” is cluttered in you brain.

The more confusing it gets which of course is “crazy making” and the situation gets worse because

Now your confused and the knee still hurts!

The solution is actually very simple and you don’t need to be a doctor or a PT that’s gone to school for years studying medical terms in Latin to get this.

If you can point where it hurts you can get rid of the pain…

That’s what, “The Comfort Zone” is for…

Point to where it hurts and then use one of the 11 “Pain-Pattern Interrupt” stretching techniques to create comfort in the area of your knee that you pointed to.

> If your knee cap hurts —> Then use the knee cap stretch
> If your suffering with arthritis or bone on bone —> Use the rotation/F&B and meniscus stretches
> If it hurts inside below your knee —> Use the “inside below the knee stretch”
> If it hurts outside above the knee —> Use the “outside above the knee stretch”

Honestly, it’s really simple…
If it hurts, create comfort in that area and then Voila! it stops hurting

“The Comfort Zone,” is made up of 11 online video and ebook program specifically designed to relieve the pain in your knee.

This program will teach you how to:

– No need to wonder why your knee hurts, point to the pain and use the specific “Pain-Pattern Interrupt” stretching techniques so you can get back to playing on the floor with the kids.
– Fire your diagnosis translator, take 10 minutes using “The Comfort Zone” pain-solution ensuring you can get on with your day and forget that knee-pain attack ever happened.
– Quit waiting MONTHS for your knees to heal, use my simple, quick and effective comfort techniques to train your knees to recover in DAYS.

Click below to sign up for “The Comfort Zone.”

Sign up now to receive your “Knee Pain Elimination Quick Start Guide” to begin relieving the pain in your knees from now until our call in a few hours

(The Knee Pain Guru)

~ “Putting the ‘FUN’ back into Knee DysFUNction”

Copyrighted & Published by Healing Concepts, L.P.

Bill Parravano is The Knee Pain Guru
“The Best in the World at Eliminating Knee Pain without Drugs, Shots, or Surgery.” Healing Knee Pain
Healing Concepts, L.P.

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