Do your knees feel stiff? Do they ache for the first few steps?

Do your knees feel stiff? Do they ache for the first few steps? Are they seemingly getting worse as you get older?

Here’s a surgeon’s take on the importance of water.

Check out this feedback from an Orthopaedic surgeon out of Australia…

It appears that “Dr. Ben” was on my site last night trying to drive a little traffic to his.

It’s way more plausible that “Dr Ben” is a web traffic specialist out of India named “Mike” that was hired by Dr. Ben for $2/hr to increase traffic to his knee surgeon locator website out of Australia…

But I digress…

Here’s what the good ole’ doctor had to say regarding the importance of water as it relates to your knee joint:

    Definitely agree!  Most people worry too much where in fact the solution is very simple. Water not only lubricates your joints but can also provide a number of benefits to your whole body. So never neglect the importance of water to your health. Thank you for sharing by the way.

I agree with “Dr Ben” to a point, although he’s not “painting the entire picture.”

From my experience in speaking with surgeons around the subject of knee pain in general and more specifically…

Arthritis and bone on bone…

Drinking more water now just makes the lubrication available to your knee joint…It doesn’t me the knee joint will actually be able to absorb the water.

Like going on vacation to the beach doesn’t guarantee you’ll get wet…

The water needs to be able to get in the joint where the water is needed.

Getting the knee comfortable by relaxing the tension in the joint is what’s left out of most conversations with doctors.

This is why I created, “The Comfort Zone.”

It’s a really short read…as a matter of fact there’s really not much to read about!

You just need to be able to point to where your knees hurt and work with one of the 11 “Pain-Pattern Interrupt” stretching techniques to give yourself relief

Instead of:

    – Drugs that wreck your organs and give you side effects
    – Shots that only numb the pain for a little while
    – Knee braces, creams, gels, machines, etc…

These stretches are simple, easy and only take a few minutes to take effect…

Now all that water Dr. Ben is saying is good for your knees can actually get inside the joint to do some good…

“The Comfort Zone,” is an 11 online video and ebook program specifically designed to relieve the pain in your knees.

This program will teach you how to:

    – Never get frustrated again why your knees hurt, point to the pain, use the corresponding video module, get immediate relief and be back to your normal “getting shit done.”
    – Quit spending time in waiting for you doctor to tell you what your already know, get relief before you get out of bed so your knees feel better before your feet hit the floor.
    – Eliminate the ache when you walk down stairs, use the F & B module to neutralize the knee pressure so you can master your stairs two at a time.

Click below to sign up for “The Comfort Zone.”

(The Knee Pain Guru)

~ “Putting the ‘FUN’ back into Knee DysFUNction”

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