Did you just call me a little while ago?

I just wrote down the 2 following messages from the same person who scheduled a time to speak with me today to help them with their knees.

Audrey: Someone called a little while ago about my knee. I was just returning the call…
(Yes, this is the same guy who’s been sending you reminder e-mails of our call throughout the week)

Audrey: Yes this is Audrey returning Bill’s call. He can call me back at XXX-XXX-XXXX
(She remembers now 5 minutes later and thinks I have an open schedule to reach her when it’s convenient for her)

Yes, I called Audrey at the time SHE chose to speak with me about her knee pain.

No, Audrey DID NOT pick up at the time I called…

Yes, I left her a message giving her a 10 minute window to reach me back so we could have a nice conversation so I could learn what she has going on with her knees and give her my best strategy drawing on my past 2 decades of experience how to get her out of knee pain without drugs, shots or surgery.


She called back an hour later during another call I was having at the time.

Am I upset…No…

However, It doesn’t surprise me why Audrey’s knees still hurt…

If she doesn’t make her knees (and the time she chose to speak with me) a priority, then no one will?

There are plenty of other knee pain sufferers who choose times to speak with me about their knees and do pick up the phone when I call.

If you’re like Audrey, please go below and un-subscribe from my list…

If you truly want to get out of knee pain then here’s a link to my online calendar to choose a time to speak with me about your situation:

In the great words of Cuba Gooding Jr. in the movie, Jerry McGuire…

“Help me, help you!”

(The Knee Pain Guru)

~ “Putting the ‘FUN’ back into Knee DysFUNction”

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