Baker’s Cyst, Bursitis, and Knee Cap Pain #KneeClub

Baker’s Cyst, Bursitis, and Knee Cap Pain. All different types of pain and hurt in the knee.

Let’s go through all the knee pain questions that came in from yesterday so we can begin to get clarity and focus on how to move forward out of knee pain.

Here are the questions answered today:

Knee Pain Questions from Facebook


Hi I have stiffness in both knees and I received the gel shot a month ago and my left knee which has had 2 meniscus surgeries the last one was last year has stiffened up again. My right knee so far is good but the left is stiff. What is my next option? I do not want knee replacement surgery and I’m a mailman that walks 10 miles a day.

Bo Lemastus

I have pain on the knee cap and patella/ pre patella and in the medial minus us area. It moves around between these 3 areas. The pain is a 4 to 5 out of a 10 Kneeling is not possible. Stairs not good. Still Able to ride my bike almost daily. I am having an issue with bursitis in my knee. It has gotten better but it just will not clear out and seems to be causing arthritis . Can we discuss my best ways to sort it out and to treat it ? I am happy to join whatever level membership .

Simon de Ath

I was just told i have a baker’s cyst be hined right knee what next?

Hi I came across one of your videos, I have a ruptured Baker’s cyst in my calf. What exercises and anything else I should be doing? For it to breakdown and go? Thanks

Hallo MR. BILL How are you , My name is Waseem , I am from Iraq , And I am a follower of your YouTube channel . MR. Bill I hope you will help me . before 6 months I got an injury in my right knee while I was playing football. A player came from the back and hit my feet from the back. Now I am walking normally and standing and I can run lightly, but my problem is when standing, my knee does not turn back like my other knee, there is a difference between them 1 cm, and there is a note that I paid attention to when I drive for an hour or more, the condition of my legs worsens and the difference increases when standing more than a cm I apologize for my language and please help me with that and I will send you the MRI scans. Thank you and I hope you will answer me.

Hi Bill, My right knee joint ligament cannot bent and I went to the hospital to do the phyio therapy to help my right knee to move again so now I can bent. After my recovery I have pooping sound around my right knee different spot of my knee I hope that you can help me.


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